If you’re a football fan you’ve been seeing players hold up four fingers at the start of each 4th quarter from some time now. It doesn’t matter if its little league, high school, college or even professional football. They all do it.

When you see the four fingers in the air you know what it means. It means it’s the 4th quarter its time to dominate, its time to shut the other team out, its time to dig deep and worm extra hard.

Throughout the history of football the most dominant teams, the best teams, teams that win championships have the ability to turn it up a notch when its the 4th quarter. It doesn’t matter what the situation is. It doesn’t matter how many points they are down when the 4th quarter comes they find a way to win the game! It doesn’t matter how tired they are…they find the energy and time to get it done in spite of. Teams that fall short of greatness always lose it in the 4th quarter. They think the game is over and they coast. I guess they think they performed well in the first 3 quarters so they can relax. They lose all momentum and end up losing the game.

Lets apply this winning mindset to our every day life and to our businesses. Lets not fatigue out. Its time to turn up or efforts its time to work HARDER than we ever have. I know that you’re tired mentally and physically. I am too! But we want to be great. We don’t want to be average. Great teams are dead tired in the 4th quarter but they push hard. You must do the same. I must do the same. I believe the way you end your year is the same way you’ll start the following year. Its kind of hard to just flip the switch after you’ve been coasting the last 3 or 4 months.

Lets win. I’m holding my 4 fingers in the air! Its crunch time. There is only 15 minutes left in the game. This is where the legends leave their mark….IN THE 4TH QUARTER. Are you going to step up? I am! Hold your 4 fingers up and lets attack these last 3 months and set the tone for 2013!