When you want to be successful in life or you want to reach goals that you have made you have to push past the pain. LITERALLY!

As I type this blog I am in severe pain and discomfort. But a mentor of mine told me to write a blog, EVERYDAY. No matter what. Write a blog about something! I want to be a success I want to reach my goals. So why wouldn’t I listen to someone who’s been where I want to go and does the things that I want to do? I would be insane not too. I tried to do things my way. I tried to reinvent the wheel only to have little to no success. Sometime in life we have to get beat down before we submit and become coach-able.

So here is what happened. Today I was playing with my daughter. She began to do something very dangerous. So I see whats going on out of the corner of my eye. I twist and turn very fast to catch her as shes falling and I feel a sharp pain and “thud” in my lower back. I immediately fall to the grown in immense pain. I almost felt paralyzed. Long story short. I had threw my back out. I cant walk or stand for more than two minutes at a time.

Now at this point I could be like most people and make excuses about why I didn’t blog today. And one could justify it and have sympathy from about 97% of the population. But I don,t want to live or get the things that 97% of people in this country have. So I wont use their excuses. I want to be successful and when you want to be successful bad enough nothing will stop you. When I say I would crawl over broken glass for my wife and daughter I meant it. I Would go through that pain and agony for my family. So I sit her blogging in severe pain for my family.

The reason why most people fall just short or quit on the journey to becoming successful is because they don’t have a strong enough “why”. I always felt your “why” should make you cry. Well I cried twice today for my why. My daughter and my wife. Nothing drives me more than seeing them smiling and happy.

Whatever your goal is in life please have a strong why. That will push you when you don’t feel like doing the things you need to do. When you are in pain but know you need to do something just look at your why. Whats more important looking at TV or doing what you need to do to make your “why” happy.

I cant say what being successful is. Its subjective. It differs from person to person. Just know there will be a journey while on your quest to being successful. You will have to push past physical and mental pains if you wish to be successful. Lord knows I wanted to stay in bed with my heating pad and ice cold water. But then my daughter walked in the room and I just looked at her. I said to myself. “Jay its time to put your money where your mouth is and crawl on broken glass” I want to be successful and something as small as physical pain wont stop me!